A Shadowbox to Remember...

A close family friend needed a special retirement gift for her husband. She wanted a unique shadowbox to commemorate her husband's twenty years of service in the Navy. Here are the pictures from the build.

The prototype

It was a big honor to build this shadowbox, and I was not about to mess this up. So like any over-thinker worth his salt, I built a prototype out of cheap wood to test the design and my joinery.

Money, Meet Mouth

I liked the design, but the box was tall and heavy even as a simple frame. I modified my joinery on the corners for extra support. It was go time. There is a line in the movie Sin City that comes mind, "Stay smart. Stay cool. It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn."


The Navy Seal Diving Medical Officer

With the frame complete, it was time to create the center piece. The focal point of the shadowbox was a 3D engraving of the Navy Seal Diving Medical Officer pin.

Bringing It All Together

It was a challenging and fulfilling build. The Navy retirement ceremony for an officer was truly a special occasion for a truly exceptional man.

Beau RollinsComment