Spirit Werx: The Importance of Purpose


I spent this holiday season getting my workshop ready for the next level in my woodworking adventure. This life is precious, and I'm trying my best with my family and friends to make the most of it. In that spirit, I want to try something new. While I spend time in my workshop, I have meaningful realizations about myself and my life. I am certain that other's have this same thing happen to them. I have discovered this truth: As I build, I am built.

My creative energy needed a reboot, and that began with a workshop revitalization. There was no focus in the space. I had a mishmash of old hobbies, new interests, unresolved issues, and the accumulation of years of procrastination mixed together with the budding promise of new endeavors. There were tennis rackets and dumbbells next to saws and wood glue. There was a confusion of purpose in my workshop, and that confusion was limiting what was possible in that space because I was literally out of space. A change was necessary if my journey was to continue in the pursuit of my dream. So I began with a clear purpose for the space, the workshop was now meant exclusively for woodworking, and if an item didn't fit that purpose then it had to go.


First of all, I cleaned everything, and I mean everything. It's therapeutic to clean up the clutter and remove the unnecessary things that no longer serve a purpose. Its an acknowledgement that I have let this mess go on too long, but no longer. It changes today. It was great to see the impact of removing the old and the broken; and dealing with the neglected situations, but I also needed to manifest something new.

That lead to a larger effort of reorganizing my workshop to maximize efficiency and space. There were things I needed, but I didn't have them. So I started building. I learned how to build new cabinets, shelves, and bins. I brought new order and structure into my workshop that was aligned with the new purpose. As each project was finished, my confidence grew.

By the end of my week long quest, I had proved to myself that with a clear purpose I have power to get the old clutter and confusion out of my life, and that I also have the power to make what is necessary to fulfill that purpose. If I can do it, so can you. As I build, I am built.

I hope to continue with these sort of stories in 2019!